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facilitator of transformative learning
5DL coach working under the supervision

Jasenka pair well people and ideas. She has participated in numerous initiatives: projects, organizations, transitions of people from one role to the next. She is like a midwife, and she enjoys helping to deliver a new life. She spreads around the positive image of the world, focuses attention on what is willing to grow, consciously encourages change in human and organizational life. With hers example and work, she supports authentic living in community and within professionals.

Looking for a balanced career, Jasenka founded Isoropia. At that time, she did not realise that companies, or so are living creatures, and as such are very fond of life. Isoropia has the character of a beautiful dog that faithfully follows Jasenkine’s dreams, supporting her and bringing together a community of Professionals named A Pinch of Salt devoted to authentic living.

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Informal intellectual community of co-creators.
A Pinch of Salt was created to give our contribution to the creation of a world where people live authentically. We work through communion and learning through the process of creation and implementation.
A Pinch of Salt conducts facilitated processes, alternative education, programs and projects. Our tools are silence, opening up new possibilities, power and faith to see the images of a possible new life.

Isoropia is in many ways connected with the world. The network includes people, profit, nonprofit, formal and informal organisations, from the level of ideas to specific products. This network is heterogeneous, diverse, and it can connect all these entities with Isoropia and each other. A real nexus!

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