I wish for us:

That all we want to manifest next year will sprout and grow, if it’s time for it
To live from within ourselves, because only what is best for us is the best for the world
That in every interaction with other people we create the world we want to live in
To be very good to ourselves, to caress and look after ourselves, not to be needful of other people
Do as you would be done by
To see the Great Creator in every person, and allow them to meet
To love and live life passionately, so that we leave it peacefully
To be the centre of peace and joy for everyone around us
Not to cling on to anyone or anything, so that each of our relationships would be free and elected, always anew
That here and now is more important than there and tomorrow
To focus our attention and energy on what we want more of in life
To start each day (and year) with a clear intention
To finish each day (and year) giving thanks
To live responsible for ourselves and for our origins

Good luck to us!