Isoropia publishes texts and videos on this blog, which are just a written and video form of the recent Jasenka’s stories. Through the weekly themes, the works of others are linked, with their content describing the worldview, concepts, methods or people who shape Isoropia as a living, in a networked organism.


abracadabra I wish for us: That all we want to manifest next year will sprout and grow, if it’s time for it To live from within ourselves, because only what is best for us is the best for the world That in every interaction with other people we create the world we want to live [...]

catastrophe or …?

catastrophe or …? Do not cling to the past, do not be afraid of what has happened! Never ever in one accident or one war was everybody killed… How do you feel watching the tragic pictures coming out of Japan these days? Do you wonder, as I do, about the miracle of survival in such [...]

victim, persecutor and rescuer – the roles, II

Victim, persecutor and rescuer the roles, II My friend says that I have problems with the victims, and that I am always affected by that word, that term. The examples that come to my mind are: the victim of conservative parents, the place where I was born, the time I live in, our own accomplished [...]

my Birthday

my Birthday The first thing I always did on my birthday is to call my mother on the phone to thank her for having given birth to me. She is not here anymore and I cannot do that anymore. Every year and througout each year I make a list of my wishes on my mobile [...]


roles I don't remember ever having seen anything that threw me out of my comfort zone and forced me to think about roles in general and my own role in my life as this video. I would scream again and again replaying this video in my head. You cannot lie in wait for a photograph [...]

loving yourself

to love yourself Egoism? Loving yourself can indeed border on egoism, loving and pleasing yourself, regardless of the consequences others have because of our actions. However, now we are discussing the other end of the spectrum - love towards yourself which is a prerequisite for loving others. This type of love is when we don’t [...]