catastrophe or …?

Do not cling to the past, do not be afraid of what has happened! Never ever in one accident or one war was everybody killed…

How do you feel watching the tragic pictures coming out of Japan these days? Do you wonder, as I do, about the miracle of survival in such a catastrophe? Do you consider earthquakes and floods as a way of healing the Earth of all its brutal injuries caused by human beings? Do you hear the message which is constantly in the air: “The last straw which broke the camel’s back.”

Little Grandmother

Two years ago, my friends were worrying about the ecological crises, and I threw into the conversation the remark:” Us people imagine everything! Do you really think the Earth puts up with our behaviour and does not protect itself when we cross the line?!”

After having watched every single video I could find on the net in which Little Grandmother addressed the world, the Earth’s behaviour as a living organism seems to me to be normal, even desirable. Accordingly “Every cloud has a silver lining.”, each catastrophe brings about some good. This philosophy is influenced by the Appreciative Inquiry method, which I use easily because I am an incurable optimist and trained sceptic at the same time. Therefore, I look for good in everything, and inquire into everything, having the aspiration to look on the shady side of everything that is being discussed.

Therefore, Little Grandmother, a young lady who is a shaman and wisdom keeper, speaks about everything that is going on and centers her message around the date 21.12.2012. That which I have understood from her is that the planet Earth, under the influence of constellations in space which repeat every 5000 years, regenerates itself. Considering all the harm that human beings have done, there is an awful lot to do…

Dialectically speaking perhaps, there where it is small, has to be big. Man is very small according to the Earth, but at the same time, big with their influence on their own life. Man creates a personal world which is light or dark, aimed at joy, goodness, love and truth, or poverty, suffering, manipulation and greed. Man puts himself in the service of the world and life, or expects the world and life to serve him. Man chooses to dream and suffer passionately or just passively lives life. Man and woman are god and goddess of their own lives, but they have forgotten their real nature, freedom and power to do what they choose.

Little Grandmother reminds us of the meanings of the actual happenings and changes in the world and man’s power. That makes me think about the kind of world I want to live in. A world in which things are not manufactured for riches or to be thrown away, a world without arms. A world in which growth and development are measured by people’s satisfaction, by beauty that surrounds them, by the freedom of people to do what they like doing, whether it be pruning fruit trees or writing such articles as this. The world is prosperous and abundant, on a human scale, i.e. the amount of food which we grow and prepare for ourselves, the number of hours we spend with our children, the amount of time we laugh with our friends and neighbors, the many real needs of other people we satisfy, the number of dreams that come true… A world in which the main production sector is care.

I wish everyone would regain power to live their own lives in their physical and virtual community according to their own choice. I wish they would remember that they create their own world themselves. People must pay attention to those things they wish to develop.

Are you conscious of where your attention goes? What is developing around you?