Why Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool for realising the aspirations and potential of individuals and groups. It begins by assessing the current situation and encourages small, courageous steps towards desired and visible change, guided by the client’s free will. The benefits are clear: personal and professional growth, increased self-awareness, and the achievement of long-held goals.


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Jasenka brings extensive professional and life experience, rigorous training, and five decades of self-awareness to her work with clients. She practices coaching at depth rooted in psychosynthesis (transpersonal psychology of love and will) and the 5DL (Five Dimensions of Leadership) coaching approach. However, she excels as a coach when she steps aside and fully dedicates herself to the client and the present moment. In these moments, she reflects the client clearly and acts intuitively, using her entire being as a resonator.

Each coaching series consists of six sessions, lasting either 60 or 90 minutes. The initial half-hour session aims to establish mutual chemistry and assess the potential for achieving desired changes together.

benefits of
individual coaching

  • Enhance life satisfaction by cultivating your free will.
  • Experience acknowledgement and recognition of your full potential and uniqueness.
  • Receive support in self-discovery and intentional creation of personal impact in the world.
  • Provide accountability structure and track progress toward established goals.
  • See yourself through the unbiased eyes and compassionate heart of another individual.
  • Allocate time for personal reflection and preparation for the next steps toward desired changes.

what happens
at the sessions?

Most of the time, the focus is on dialogue. Coaching operates on the premise that every person is an expert in their own life. A coach facilitates by asking questions, listening actively, and expanding the client’s field of possibilities. The client remains in control of the process, with the coach as a powerful, practical resource depending on its use.


The minimum rate for a one-hour coaching session is 50 EUR, and for a ninety-minute session, it is 70 EUR. Sessions can be customised based on client needs, including combinations with business consulting, management advice, training, mentoring, or developing new business ventures, with pricing negotiated separately.

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individual coaching in an organisational environment

This coaching on psychosynthesis and the Five Dimensions of Leadership methodology, through which the following competencies are developed:
1. Self-reflection
2. Influence on others and managing diversity
3. Understanding systemic forces
4. Authenticity and free will
5. The ability to seek help is crucial for forming functional teams.

These competencies are essential for organisational personal and professional development, fostering leadership, collaboration, and team effectiveness.

what happens
during the sessions?

Throughout a series of six coaching sessions, the client’s leadership capabilities are developed according to their specific individual needs. This includes six 90-minute sessions with the client every 14 days and three joint sessions involving the client, supervisor, and the coach. These joint sessions occur at the beginning, after three sessions, and at the end of the series to align individual and organisational goals and provide feedback.

online and

All sessions can be conducted online or in person. Clients can contact the coach by phone or email between sessions.


The terms of collaboration depend on the client’s level of responsibility, sphere of influence, and specific organisational needs. The price range is between 1000 and 1500 EUR per series.

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Defining team needs involves a comprehensive process based on multiple preparatory meetings, during which team needs and desired coaching outcomes are articulated. Team coaching can be integrated into broader organisational development, education, or system-wide change processes.

benefits of team coaching

  • Connecting team members on a deep human level
  • Commitment to a shared purpose
  • Co-creating leadership processes
  • Creating a vision of a common goal
  • Establishing a productive culture
  • Shaping team climate
  • Fostering collective intelligence

coaching during change

  • Adopting new behavioral patterns
  • Releasing unsupportive beliefs
  • Creating new, supportive beliefs
  • Developing a new team identity

All collaboration terms depend on its scope and dynamics.

terms of collaboration

Collaboration terms vary with scope and dynamics.

Are you ready to direct all group energy towards a common goal?

Translation results

Translation result

Are you ready to direct all group energy towards a common goal?

about the process

“My coaching agenda is to help clients sense that their Will is still part of them. My way is to resonate their will with my free will, holding them in a field of love. My purpose is to bring clients back to their authentic “inhalation and exhalation,” to remember to play the music of their lives, hold their Self, strengthen their I-Self connection, and build their Free Will through small steps. Joy will come inevitably.”

Jasenka Gojšić

I am a coach of joy.

Excerpt from the articleSuccessful Willing, pages 40-42, American Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis

I had the chance to meet Jasenka, who offered me this incredible opportunity. She coached me over a few weeks, helping me with my personal and professional projects. She opened her heart to me, and I feel fulfilled by this experience. I gained so much confidence and the courage to engage in and achieve a new project. I started to believe in my potential. She guided me and gave me concrete tools for soft and hard skills. I am truly grateful for this meeting and the work accomplished together.

P. C.

Working with Jasenka has been the best few weeks; during our time together, she opened and comforted parts of my soul I didn’t even know needed comforting.

She excels in her work and is fully committed to her clients, gently transforming the aspects of your life where guidance is needed. When I first came to Jasenka, I was completely unfocused and drained due to the demands of numerous people and tasks. Jasenka approached me with extreme kindness and love, helping me first acknowledge the feelings and emotions buried inside me. I needed her guidance to navigate my feelings and release the emptiness and burdens that everyday life had placed on me. Engaging with a life coach was the best decision I ever made.

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Initially, I felt guilty needing to vent about my life, considering how full and happy it actually is. I hesitated at first, wondering if Jasenka could truly help me. However, after our first session, I knew I was in the right place and desperately needed her guidance to establish a joyful routine.

As we delved deeper, I was afraid to open up and let go of emotions regarding my self-worth and perceived shortcomings. Jasenka was incredibly gentle and kind, acknowledging the stage I was in with my life and the weight I carried into our sessions. I found it easy to be completely honest with her, which made our sessions both productive and healing. Jasenka demonstrated exceptional understanding and love for my situation and life, which is rare to find. I will forever appreciate her dedication to her work and the focused attention she gave me during our time together. It’s beautiful to encounter someone who approaches their work passionately, making each meeting a joyous experience.

Jasenka and I will undoubtedly work together again, as she demonstrated expertise in many issues we discussed. She is worth every moment and dollar, delivering tremendous value with each session.

Throughout our six sessions, we successfully identified my priorities regarding work-life balance and family time, took concrete steps towards financial planning, and built meaningful relationships with important people.

The impact of our sessions has stayed with me for months. I frequently revisit the memories and notes from that time. I am now more aware of the moments and situations I find myself in and have gained a new perspective on myself. Jasenka taught me how to foster a relationship with my inner self and to listen to my passions and desires. I am now better able to prioritise what truly matters in my life and allocate time accordingly.

I look forward to working with Jasenka in many areas, given her fantastic expertise. I highly recommend her guidance to anyone who needs a push to take a step towards something new in their life. Jasenka is adept at effecting positive change amidst mixed feelings, thoughts, and desires.

Jasenka empowered me to embrace my emotions and recognise when I need to refresh. Everyday life often involves numerous people and tasks that can drain focus and joy. Jasenka taught me how to communicate with myself and plan my days with purpose.

I. B.