This is an invitation to participate in a program for adult educators, longing for a different, deeper approach to shaping education.

The program we shaped for you consists of a live kick-off in Croatia between 24th February-March 1st 2020, followed by 3 months of online continuation.

This program has been developed within the Erasmus+ Project Building Capacity for Transformative Learning by a team of fellow adult educators and facilitators from Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, Germany and The Netherlands.

Live Kick Off will take place froom February 24th – March 1st 2020 in Fužine  about 110km from Zagreb, Croatia.

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed after your return from Croatia. All the accommodation and food costs will be paid for in advance by the EU.

The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Mapa znanja and is intended for new managers and those who feel new in this role.

It is organized in 5 terms Thursday and Friday, 23.1, 24.1, 13.2. and 2.14.2020. at the Sheraton Hotel, Zagreb.

strategic planning

and developing strategic maps

The aim of this workshop is to bring the concept of strategic thinking and strategic planning to each individual involved in any type of business process (profit, non-profit, public, private, small, medium, large) in a simple and understandable way.

The workshop is organized  with the Mapa znanja on Thursday, 6.2.2020. from 9:00 to 16:00 at the Sheraton Hotel, Zagreb.

The number of participants is limited in order to carry out the practical work in the best possible way.

This workshop is for adult educators who are open and interested in learning new skills, for instance how to use deeply engaging learning methodologies for facilitating transformation for their students. If you work in adult education, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership, and if you build learning environments for lifelong learning, we believe this workshop is for you.

The 5 days training course will take place from October, 26th – 30th, in Ilica 73, in Zagreb, Croatia.
(backyard, the first building leaft side, 2nd floor, Ring at “Tisa”)