Initiating Positive Changes


Training how to use Appreciative Inquiry in personal and organisational development
in Five Steps: November 21st and 28th, December 4th, 12th and 19th,
from 6 pm to 9 pm at Prostor, Tratisnka 44, 3. floor, Zagreb.

We invite you to a workshop where you can learn how to approach development and changes by discovering and relying on your positive core. The workshop uses Appreciative Inquiry method as a tool for learning how to build your dreams on this positive core.

Appreciative Inquiry deals with development and changes in a positive and transformational manner. It enables involvement of all stakeholders, independently of the size of an organization or general environment. The method consist of 5 phases: (1) definition of the focus of inquiry, (2) discovery of positive core, (3) creation of own/common dream, (4) designing possible solutions and (5) planning concrete steps to the participants’ own examples, using exercises, teaching and interaction with training participants.


Training is for those who have a changes in front of them, in personal or bussines life. If in your situation exist something valuable and/or you can learn from it – we belive most of situations is like this – this method will work for you.

We invite you to describe in the application a concreate chage on which you want to wark during the trainig!

you will get to know

Creative ways to raise awerness and use of your personal and organisational competences
• Steps how to implemnt change in your case
• People who share similar values and have possibility to conncet with them on new topics
• Recent theory and practical experince in using this method