It is my life

it is
my life!

Want to lead?
Start from your own life!

June 30 to July 6, 2019
Mala Ludina, Moslavina, Croatia

Facilitator: Jasenka Gojšić
(A Pinch of Salt – Isoropia, Zagreb, Croatia)

Arrival Airport Zagreb airport “Franjo Tuđman”. Transfer to Mala Ludina will be organize by local organizers.

and aims

I firmly believe that the measurement of life’s success is satisfaction. I enjoy the peaceful happiness of witnessing the changes people experience, the chance to help by conversing, advising or tutoring. To live authentically, from within, requires beliefs, abilities and habits with which we are all familiar, but we often forget or sacrifice them for various reasons. These workshops are created to remember the ideals about the way life could be, practise the techniques of living from the heart, and encourage people to persevere on their journeys of self-development.

If you feel you need five days of caring support, slow motion, reflection and self-reflection individually and in a small group of people, join me in a beautiful, cosy, quiet space. I have spent my first 50 years following traditional patterns: extensive education, a responsible job, working for social change, a big family, a supporting sharing marriage, and I have managed to stay myself. Not all the time, of course, and with help of many people, and therefore I know the importance of programmes as this one is.

It is crucial to build your own cocoon from time to time. To get into the state of reinvention yourself, but organically, with support and care, live a few days as the professional artist of your life. Ground yourself, centre yourself, see yourself, love yourself.


We know that change is the only constant in today’s life. It is crucial to remain resilient to it. To maintain resilience and refresh your whole being, regular retreat into a silent, caring and supporting space is needed. The best you can do for yourself when you feel overwhelmed by life, or need to make a transition, or just want to regain clarity, is to find a supportive facilitator guiding you through an inner process, with a small group of fellow spirits, in nature, resting, eating good food and focusing on yourself.

The objectives of the workshop “It is your life!” is to create your own future while respecting your past, talents, and desires…

In six days you will:

  • tell your own story
  • recognize in which phase of your life you are now
  • master the process of creating a life that is tailor-made for you
  • learn to influence others
  • turn loving yourself into a habit
  • both give and receive support
  • enjoy your life while looking it straight in the eye


The programme is based upon appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, transformative leadership, storytelling and adults’ development theories. This programme is based upon the trainer’s experience and belief that people learn faster together: learning, supporting, inspiring, and reflecting on one another. We find hope in other peoples’ stories.

A daily “soul check-in”, journaling on your role in life, inner conversations, sharing and listening in coaching circles, taking inspiration from nature and transpersonal experiences are essential parts of the workshop.



Jasenka is facilitator of transformative learning and practitioner of transformative leadership. The majority of time she creates programmes for people in life transitions, either to question their own destiny, or to acquire new life skills for manifesting a desire.

She believes in the unique contribution of each human to life as a whole and specifically other peoples’ lives. Therefore, it is of the most importance to support people in living authentically, grounded and centred, with a clear vision of the best version of themselves (Thanks to Neal Walsch for the phrase!)

Factual CV could be found LINK

target groups

The retreat is created for those adults whose capacity to live life fully and authentically significantly influence other people’s wellbeing: leaders, teachers, facilitators, social change makers…

It is for you if you:

  • need rest from routine and time to orient,
  • feel empty and exhausted,
  • need clarity and dedication to continue,
  • want to recall love for life,
  • longing for support and warm hug.


Participation fee: 1000,00 EUR per person
Fee includes VAT, course materials, accommodation, all meals and refreshments.

This course can be supported by Erasmus + Mobility Program
KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals – Mobility of staff in adult education.

If you will choose Isoropia for your partner in Erasmus + KA1 application, here you can find our Partner information sheet! 

This course is on EPALE – Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe. You can find it here!

What to bring?

Bring with you comfortable clothes and shoes for indoors and outdoors activities; raincoat or waterproof jacket, empty notebook and favourite coloured pens.

Feel free to innovate and co-create with us the workshop contents. Bring your favourite music (instruments), games, inspirations for others, etc…

draft programme

Morrning rutines till 10am
Session in nature, individual support
Light luch and rest 2pm-5pm
Group session and dinner
Please note that the program might be a subject to changes.

Day 1 – My treasure

This encounter is dedicated to everything good that we have created and aren’t willing to lose no matter what changes in our lives. We will develop techniques which allow us to recognize and preserve the best parts of ourselves. If we are not thankful for what we have then we shall never have enough!

Day 2 – 
Tell me your (new) story

Adults develop in seven-year cycles. Through these phases one’s roles, priorities, and primary ways of dealing with life’s challenges change. We will build the script of our lives, by telling stories both old and new. By being aware of our needs and limitations we will become able to consciously design our lives.

Day 3 – 
Creating from the heart

If you are ready to create your life “from your heart”, but you don’t have the necessary tools and need encouragement to start, then this is the workshop for you. The workshop’s end result will be the future you have always longed for. Are you up for it?

Day 4
 – Dark night of the soul

If you are ready to create your life “from your heart”, but you don’t have the necessary tools and need encouragement to start, then this is the workshop for you. The workshop’s end result will be the future you have always longed for. Are you up for it?

Day 5 – 
It all comes from others

Now we know what we want, but we can not make it all happen on our own; we need others. Do we know how to tell others politely what we need? How can we create a code of practice for communication? How to choose the suitable energy: choosing our tone of voice and the gestures that adequately complement our words, and maybe say more than the words themselves?

Day 6 – Give and receive support

Be the light and spread the love! Keep a high frequency energy, allow for differences and learn from them, expand yourselves. In this workshop learn how not to waste life’s energy and how and where to replenish it.