learning together

Isoropia primarily promotes transformational learning. Transformational learning has the goal to change the one’s personal perspective and attitude, where a learner and a teacher are together in the process, both learning and developing themselves.

Given that competence is defined as a multiplicity of attitude, knowledge and skills, a positive attitude is not sufficient for competent living. Isoropia encourages a development of skills and new knowledge, and yet sometimes only creates a need for further learning.

Isororpia creates the learning processes which include all human aspects: mental, sensory, emotional, physical and spiritual. Isoropia organizes and participates in very diverse learning processes: lectures, workshops, seminars, retreats, and conferences.

Some events are very short, like Summer Bites, some are intense as Body Healing StoryWe are fond of customized, in-house programmes. In-house programmes usually support wider, long-term organizational development. They require a deep understanding of the organizational needs and intensive preparation both of the facilitator and the participant. There is a great return on investment because the facilitators and the participants share common, agreed goals, language and terminology. The Project Management and Personal Impact for the Results are examples of workshops organized within organizations.

The Initiating Positive Changes is a workshop that is organized for the interested groups and organizations, in an open form and as in-house programmes and could be supported by further individual or group support.

The Sustainable Career is aimed at individuals who want to find their current main motivators and adapt their careers, i.e. everything they do in life, to their most profound needs. The same topic is crucial for the companies which care for the welfare and long-term relationships with their employees. It is important to sustain organizational mechanisms that most affect the balance in life in order to maintain professional relationships.

At large events, Isoropia provides a process design and facilitation according to the participative leadership and total system intervention principles.


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