past events

Open workshops are for everyone. The themes are very diverse because they are driven by the inspiration and the excitement of many people from the same vibrational network, with very different professional and life experiences. Our wishes are to activate potentials through open workshops, to open up new opportunities, to expand perspectives, to develop the skills needed for clearer expression, to connect the heart, mind and hands of the participants …

Some of the events were organized by us from Isropia, A Pinch of Salt or Center for Participatory Leadership, and on others we were guest or co-creators. They all might serve as inspiration for new gatherings. We can help in design and facilitation of an event.

This was an invitation for adult educators, longing for a different, deeper approach to shaping education.

The live kick-off in Croatia was organized between 24th February-March 1st 2020, followed by 3 months of online continuation.

This program has been developed within the Erasmus+ Project Building Capacity for Transformative Learning by a team of fellow adult educators and facilitators from Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, Germany and The Netherlands.

This workshop is for adult educators who are open and interested in learning new skills, for instance how to use deeply engaging learning methodologies for facilitating transformation for their students. If you work in adult education, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership, and if you build learning environments for lifelong learning, we believe this workshop is for you.

The 5 days training course took place from October, 26th – 30th, in Ilica 73, in Zagreb, Croatia.

movement to positive changes

Encouraging positive changes
by listening to body language

At this workshop, we will focus our attention on the body and feel emotions through it, release the blockages and awaken the next small, elegant step in the process of change.

On Saturday, March 23, 2019. from 9 am to 12 pm in In Sonja’s Home, City Street Mainz 11, 7th floor, Zagreb.

Erasmus+ project “Restoring Resilience – Connecting with Nature and Self” is coming to an end. We wanted to share our experience, and show some new ways “to ourselves”.

Evening workshop “Connect with nature in yourself”, was held in the park forest Tuškanac, on Thursday, June 7, 2018. The meeting began with an introduction to the project with coffee, looking for symbols and their meanings, continued with a brush stroke in the pavilion and ended with a night walking through the forest Tuškanac.

We bring a part of the experience from the workshop in Hungary, which we participated in in May, in this video.

From 01 to 06 April 2019, Trans Europe Halls organised a workshop for leaders from cultural sector. In the inspirative environment professionally supported, the leaders reflected, gained personal insides and talked about for them important topics.

A Pinch of Salt offered a three-day withdrawal from 26 to 30 December 2017 in Mala Ludin, Moslavina.

It was a three-day journey to your depths and outgrowing with new, fresh exhilaration, ready for the time ahead.

A longtime member of the rich San Francisco Bay Area Evolutionary Community, Lawrence introduced Transformational Leadership and how we visionaries are the keys to a beautiful new world through our own transformation. The workshop took place on October, 18th in Zagreb. A group discussion were facilitated by Jasenka.

Transformational Leadership is a perspective of leadership development that draws from systems thinking, the Integral model of human development and has deep roots in a wide spectrum of consciousness development modalities.

At the of September 2017, a small group of 35 Europeans came together in Šibenik, and talked about transformational education for sustainable communities. During such events, a man senses belonging to a large professional community and gets opportunity to connect and create more authentic life.

There is a fare chance that some already developed educational programs, such as One Year in Transition, can be found and started in our local community.

The best part: professional community provides opportunity for fairly fast self recognition: who am I and what are my most precious professional values…


Body Healing Story

We have touched the revitalizing peak of summer vacation from 21 to 24 August. 2017 in Jelsa on the island of Hvar. For the first time BCS (Body Healing Story) took place by the sea where the balance of our body and energy happened in conjunction with nature.

This 4-day retreat is a journey to your heart, the most powerful electromagnetic organ you possess.


expanding spectrum of possibilities
with the A Pinch of Salt

The two-hour summer gatherings that spread the spectrum of possibilities were held from July 16 to 25, 2017, at 6 pm at Art Park in Zagreb.

Five different workshops were led by three pairs of very inspirational and unusual leaders – a cantadora, a midwife, an ironman, a mentalist, a seamstress, and an observer gathered under the name the A Pinch of Salt.

Create Innovatively NOW was an experiential five-day workshop from April 3rd to April 7th 2017 about creativity in action, rapid innovation and deep presence. The workshop took place in the beautiful Maksimir Park in Zagreb.

This workshop is the result of the European TECRINO project.

from nature

a workshop
in Calabria

In November 2016, we held the workshop “Learning from Nature – Transform Yourself”, an experiential five-day workshop, in Tropea, Calabria, Southern Italy. It was the third activity in our “Living Authentically – Learning Mobility for individuals” project within the European programme ERASMUS+ KA1 – Learning mobility of individuals, Mobility of staff in adult education.

The main theme of this course was exploration of yourself in relation to nature. Daily “soul check-in”, journaling, having inner conversations, sharing and listening in coaching circles, taking inspiration from nature and transpersonal experiences were essential parts of this workshop.


Training how to use Appreciative Inquiry
in personal and organisational development

This workshop is place where you can learn how to approach development and changes by discovering and relying on your positive core. The workshop uses Appreciative Inquiry method as a tool for learning how to build your dreams on this positive core.

“You learn not to stand in place, but to walk consciously with change, not to fight  winds or windmills, rather to use a good wind in your back, realise what is good in everyday life or a single day at work and use that positive power.”

Jasmina Lukačević, HR consultant and trainer, participant of the first workshop

art of hosting

first Art of Hosting training
in Croatian language

After years of organising this training in English, we wanted to offer AoH practice to everyone in the region in a language which itself would further facilitate the learning and development of the practitioners’ networks.

This training is a part of international practice under the common name of Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations behind which stands a broad international network of practitioners.