Project Management


The two or three days workshop for those who have decided to effectively realize their unique tasks or even dreams.

The aim of the course is to to introduce the participants with the basic concepts and processes of project management, to create a common conceptual model, necessary for the construction of systematic, standardized approach to projects and project organization.

Participants will be taken through all stages of project management (initiation, planning, execution, control and completion), with special emphasis on planning and control of implementation, according to the Project Management Institute methodology, US national standards and the de facto worldwide standard for project management. Participants will work on specific examples of their projects from practice and life cycles of projects typical for the industry of the client. Specific methods and techniques applied during the planning of projects will be presented through exercises.

The training is interactive, constructive and participatory. The attendees are expected to participate actively, have open communication and creative contribution.

Main topics:

  • projects
  • project management
  • the life cycle of projects
  • initiating and planning the project
  • making the project plan
  • execution of the project
  • control and project completion

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • achieve the purpose, objectives and results of the project
  • make a plan for the project:
    • define the scope of the project
    • elaborate structurally the project results/deliverables
    • define activities and activity holders
    • estimate the time and resources required for the project
    • make a time schedule and project budget
    • set the basic project organization
    • assess risks and define answers to the risks
  • control performance, adjust the plans and report on progress
  • complete the project