victim, persecutor and rescuer – the roles, II

My friend says that I have problems with the victims, and that I am always affected by that word, that term. The examples that come to my mind are: the victim of conservative parents, the place where I was born, the time I live in, our own accomplished or unrealistic talents – could be counted to infinity.

A typical story…

While I was drinking coffee with my old friend today, my daughter called me and said her brother was just beating their cousin, my niece.  I call my son and briefly order him to take his hands off his cousin and leave the girls alone. I did not give him the time to tell his version the story, because the story I just had with my friend was more important at that time. I intervened in the child’s relationship unconsciously, only to react to the call for help although I knew from tone of their voices, that it was not a reflection of pain, but a dynamic of relationships.

Two hours later, I have all three children around the table. I tell my niece: “Dear, if anyone ever touches you in the way you do not want it, and you do not give him a punch where it hurts the most, do not get out of there and shout out of your voice until neighbors do not call the police, Just get them to beat you! ” . I said to my son,” I’m sure that, my sister and I, we brought the children to this world with the desire to make the world better, more beautiful and safer than if you were not there. My wish is to make people feel safe and happy near you. If you do not want them in your vicinity, get away. I have honored my daughter with the talk about s saviour: “It seems to me you’re jealous. While he’s “hitting” your cousin, she laughs loudly and both are rolling on the floor like two kittens, and you’re not in the game. And that’s why you called me, not her inability to defend herself. Yes, it was exactly like that. While I was speaking, my son was poking his finger into niece’s belly, she strongly grined, and when they thought they had my blessing for their behavior, I chased them from the table. A typical story about the victim, persecutor, and savior. I shouted to them: “If any of you need my help or protection, give me a call!”