Transformational leadership

transformational leadership

Is a vision of a new world
emerging from your soul?

A Pinch of Salt invites you to Explore Transformational Leadership with Lawrence Kampf and Jasenka Gojšić.

Now is the time for a new form of leadership to light the way to the new world being birthed in this moment.

Join Lawrence Kampf and a group of fellow visionaries for a candid and experiential exploration of Transformational Leadership.

A longtime member of the rich San Francisco Bay Area Evolutionary Community, Lawrence will provide an overview of Transformational Leadership and how we visionaries are the keys to a beautiful new world through our own transformation. With a context in place the group will explore a toolkit of evolutionary practices to catalyze and deepen your own realization. A group discussion will be facilitated by Jasenka, practitioner of transformative learning and participative leadership, to reveal the gems that emerge through the rst segments and a harvest of the collective material will reveal a way forward.

Intro Talk
Cafe Style discussion
Wrap up and harvest

Language: English

Time and Location:
Wednesday, 18.10.2017. from 5 to 9pm
Restoran Maksimir, Zagreb, Croatia

Cost: 500 HRK (VAT and refreshment included)
An invoice will be issued after registration.

Lawrence Kampf – Catalyzing Human Transformation Through Leadership
A lifelong passion for human development and over 20 years of experience in high level consulting projects has given birth to Lawrence’s work in leadership mentoring, coaching, consulting, and evolutionary training. He brings the skills of a consultant, heart of a teacher, eyes of an artist and hands of a healer to support developing leaders for the benefit of the new world.

Jasenka Gojšić – nickname: Midwife
Jasenka helps people to take their dream seriously, to (re)design their lives and transforms their roles bravely and timely, and to form organizations that serve the development of the highest potential of all people in an organization’s field. She has been proactively engaged in transformational learning community for the last seven years.

LOGO zrno soli bijelo

A Pinch of Salt is a professional community dedicated to support people and organizations in living authentically. The building capacity for transformational leadership is a core competence for individual, organizational and social restoration and preservation of authenticity. That is why we have created this opportunity to meet with Lawrence, a long-time practitioner of transformative leadership.

Transformational Leadership is a perspective of leadership development that draws from systems thinking, the Integral model of human development and has deep roots in a wide spectrum of consciousness development modalities.

The world is evolving rapidly, extreme variability is challenging the very existence of legacy organizations. Transformational Leadership seeks to prepare a new generation of embodied, resilient leaders to meet these challenges and create a new world. TL is fundamentally about the growth of intelligence, presence and capacity, not only of the leader, but also the organization as a living intelligence in its own right. Providing the container of leadership to an evolving organism is radically different than providing it for a mechanical system.

A perspective rather than a system, Transformational Leadership is 10% information and 90% transformation. The learning during this event is primarily experiential, this is a prototype of a laboratory of life lessons and deep personal growth.